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Pluck your GAME birds IN no time at ALL

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Hi Rod, Today I've used the plucker....what a success...very handy and helpful....in 20 minutes, 18 chickens.....fantastic...My father was laughing when he first saw it but changed his mind when it was working! I have friends that are going to see it and want it, I'll give them your number...I'll promote your product because it is really valid, helpful and easy to use.

Stefano Del Simone, Italy


It took a little practice to get the Easy Pluck doing as I wanted it to. We began with a chicken figuring that would be easier. The plucker did a great job, even removing the large wing and tail feathers. Next we tried a duck. (Muscovy) It worked great, too. Saved me lots of time!

The Real Nicaragua forums .......... http://www.therealnicaragua.com/vb/forums/showthread.php/10461-easy-fowl-cleaning!!!

RG from Nicaragua


I bought an Easy Pluck from you a couple of months back. I'm from Australia. I would just like to let you know how great your product is and how much time your Easy Plucker has saved us. Here in Australia, we have mainly what we call black ducks which are the same size as your mallards and we are getting our birds plucked in minutes which used to take a long time while sitting around a camp fire. Now one person can do a job that used to take 6 people. We are even shooting duck species that we would never bother with before because they were just to hard to pluck! I think you should see more orders coming through, if not already, because I have recommended you to everyone! There are no pluckers here in Australia and everyone I show it to , they can't believe it, so I hope you get some more orders soon. Once again, Thank You for a great product and I will be sure to keep letting people know of your great plucker.

J Torresan-Adelaide - South Australia


Easy Pluck "Duck" Hi Rod, I am glad I found your product on the internet. I have looked EVERYWHERE for one of these units. I can't believe the tremendous amount of marketing and advertising that sporting good retailers do in trying to sell you everything under the sun to harvest ducks but absolutely nothing to help you process your game once you have it. I have had the good fortune to be able to share your type plucker in the past, but now I need to get my own.

Thanks, Chuck Ledeen - Mn


I love the plucker video. My son and I have had a very successful season here in NC. Mainly Wood ducks, lesser scaup, various teal and mallards. We're only 45 minutes inland so we also have the opportunity to shoot a variety of sea ducks. I'm tired of wasting ducks by just pulling the breast. I want one of the plucker kits that has the drill shelf. Thanks for the ingenious, cost effective plucker. Should expedite the cleaning and maximize duck on the table!

Harvey R. Trenton - NC


The first part of our hunting season was great. We got lots of ducks with a lot of mallards. The Easy Pluck worked well the first time we used it-30 ducks in less than an hour. The second time we had some trouble keeping the rod in the drill. I bought a new drill. The third time my cousin and friends used it they gave up on it and we have not used it since. We cannot keep the rod in the drill yoke-we tried grinding down a flat spot on the rod to help the drill get a bite, but that did not work. Any suggestions? Thanks, Randy W El Dorado,AR



Yes, you can use my comments, and myself as a satisfied customer. I truly love the unit. It picks mallards beautifully,(over 100 drakes already this year) I keep my birds as dry as possible and it works even better! Once I picked a few birds, I got the knack of how to spin, turn, rotate, with the right pressure. It works great!!

M Vinks - Fair Oaks, CA


Yes, the boys have used the plucker. So much better than doing it by hand. We ripped the skin on the breast of the first bird. I think he was pushing down to hard. They sure wish we had it the day they brought home sixteen ducks! The boys put some lead weights in the bottom so it will not blow over. We are located east of Vancouver about 20 miles.

M Jefferson - BC, Canada


We love it, Got 1 bird short of 5 limits just before the season ended. Not sure if my hunting mates thought it was efficient or fun to boot, but they plucked their birds in record time with smiles on their face. Great Product!

T.Belton - Bell Aire, Tx


Rod: it arrived today, all in order and just in time for Christmas. AND, the day after I plucked 8 ring necks by hand. We wish you, your wife and family a very merry and blessed Christmas, Thanks for your ingenuity and product!


I saw your feature in the Oct. issue of the DU magazine. That's one of the reasons I bought it. I like to support those who support what I enjoy. If I may, I would like to place an ad in a local organization's newsletter. I'm the acting president of the Oregon Duck Hunter's Association…..We still have 1 ½ weeks of ducks left. This time of year, I switched from puddlers to divers. The plucker worked well on the two cans we got last weekend. Some of our geese(cackler) are as small as mallards. They have plucked out very nicely, less than 5 minutes. I usually don't pluck more than 1 or 2 geese a season, but have found that they turn out very tasty when soaked in apple juice and than cooked on a Traeger barbeque. Overall, I have plucked 3X as many birds this year as the Easy Pluck has made plucking them easier than skinning. Thanks for a great product.

John - Portland, Or.


Rod, more ducks than we have had in years here on the Texas gulf coast. I have recommendation for you machine. I think the "fingers" need to be a little longer and a little more flexible to keep from tearing up the little ducks. We have many teal, blue bills and wood ducks all season.

J. L. - Houston, TX